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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, growing controversy in san francisco over the well-known adult film studio, looking to turn itself into major concert venue and neighbors oppose the plan. live in oakland and it will be busy at the bay area sports world, and events happening that could impact your traffic beginning this afternoon. mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday morning, april 5, and i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. steve will tell us whether we need a jacket or sweater this morning.>> i believe it is 23 in boston and 29 in cleveland, and it is opening day.
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and they were rained out in a couple of locations, and it is brutally cold, but not here. we are talking about record highs, and of course we are. here we are in april, and today will not be a record setter, but it will be close. the record is 86 in napa, and most of these records are from 1989. and in oakland, the record is 79 in 1957, but not much of a breeze yet. not for the majority, and quite cool for some, 42 in napa. 61 in brentwood, and 51 san jose, palo alto's 46, east bay tip is 40s and upper 50s, and for some it is a mild day and for others quite chilly. the key is there is a low coming in that will stop this heat on thursday. we will go up and then right back down.
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sunny and warm today, a cool morning with northerly breeze, temperatures in the 70s, low to mid 80s. i know the traffic is beginning to stack up. it is beginning to get busy, and let's go outside to take a look at your commute. you can see for yourself that more people are on the road. here is a look at the interstate 880 at the coliseum, and traffic is going to be getting more crowded. at the bay bridge more stop-and- go traffic with a stalled vehicle that is now being hooked up to a told -- tow truck, and it should be gone pretty soon. traffic is backed up already and we have 20 to 25 minute delay. highway 4 we have slow traffic westbound through the entire stretch of the pittsburg commute due to the earlier issues. also due to the slow traffic.
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i want to mention something that i'm just finding out about. northbound 101 at the great american parkway, there is a crash on the shoulder. back to the desk. the adult movie studio in the san francisco mission district may be turned into a music venue, and the city commission will debate the idea today, and alex savidge will talk about while the neighbors do not like this.>> reporter: no they do not like the plan at all. there is an organized effort in this neighborhood to stop the from turning the building at this corner of 14th and mission into a major concert venue. the neighbors say that the adult film company that is operating out of the armory is causing and a problems as it is. there have been a number of complaints submitted to the city about loud and unpermitted parties, unruly people hanging
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out in and around the building, but still later on today, will ask the city for an entertainment permit that would allow the company to host concerts seven nights of the week and stay open until 2 am. for the park, says it will add soundproofing to the building and more security in the event that they hold concert. but the neighbors say they cannot be trusted because there were reportedly already two on -- unpermitted parties earlier in the year. and there is express support from the city leaders, and we've reached out for comments on the controversy and we hope to hear back at some point this morning. bart continues to work to pools -- to fully restore service between the
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pittsburg/bay point and concord station, and services not yet back for good. the bus bridges and train shuttles are in the rotation as engineers continue to try to pinpoint the source of the electrical problem that damaged dozens of cars three weeks ago. tomorrow bart will unveiled the new car to its fleet, and they will give us a look inside the new car. they plan on purchasing 775 new train cars in stages over the next five years. at this hour the polls are opening in wisconsin, and today could be a turning point in the race for the white house.>> between you and me i did not want to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is. i think if we win here, and when in new york state we are on our way to the white house.>> bernie sanders hopes that the
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win in wisconsin will boost his chances in new york, the adopted home state of clinton. ted cruz could drop the path of donald trump with a win in wisconsin, and both want john kasich to drop out. >> john kasich cannot be the nominee and is mathematically eliminated. >> he should not be allowed to run because it is unfair because he is taking our boats. -- votes. >> if donald trump loses in wisconsin, it will be a major blow to him and greatly reduces chances of getting the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination outright and avoid a battle at the republican convention this summer. the giants depend on their pitching and defense to win the games, but on opening day against the milwaukee brewers, they had a potent offensive lineup. and getting five rbis,
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including these threes, and a home run in the eighth inning, and the next batter following with another home run, and on the very next pitch, buster posey adds another homer. madison bumgarner got the win despite battling the flu, and the ace pitcher sonny gray was scratched because of this portion for his opening day, giving up four runs in the third inning, and days came back in the bottom half of the inning, and hitting a key run single, but that would be all of the scoring, and the white sox win, 4-3. and sonny gray will make his season debut tomorrow. illnesses plaguing the blade area -- the bay area for our games. and the oakland a's and the
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warriors both have home games tonight. we are out there right now and bryan, yet some options for the fans? >> reporter: we do, and it is fitting we are here in front of the coliseum and the oracle arena, and it is quiet now. the parking lot were probably be packed and traffic congested as well. and the a's and warriors both have home games tonight, and the a's continue game two of the opening series against the chicago white sox at 7:05 pm. the warriors have a home game against the minnesota timberwolves and tipoff is scheduled for 7:40 pm. it used to be the fans could park at the coliseum bart station, but the fans could be paying anywhere from $7-$30, but this is the start to a very
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busy week in the bay area sports. thursday will be busy as the giants and a's both have afternoon home games, and the warriors are hosting this first at 7:30 pm that same night. and the sharks will be hosting the winnipeg jets at 7:30 pm on thursday night. taking this out life, we want you to know this as you head out the door. you think you have a normal commute, and as you head back home this afternoon, you will see a lot of heavy traffic because you have both teams, the a's and the warriors playing , and also people catching flights at the international airport. coming up we will see if we can find some options, but probably taking bart is the best option and we will tell you more in the next report.>> i am glad you mentioned the airport, and i've been caught in that. you have to wonder where is all this traffic at this time and
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night. back a double whammy. 6:09 am. and the basketball coach continues to tonight allegations of sexual harassment, coming up the text messages that he sits -- says proves he is innocent. the justice department trying to find potential evidence of crimes involving the u. s. in the "pana mop papers. -- panama wallpapers -- panama papers.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it's 6:13 am. the faa investigating a deadly helicopter crashed, killing five people near the great smoky mountains national park during a sightseeing tour. they believe the chopper came down the side of the mountain, crashed at the foot of the mountain, starting a fire that spread up the mountain. no one on the ground was hurt, and no homes or buildings were damaged. the american couple killed in the brussels, belgium terror attacks being laid to rest this week. the bodies of justin and stephanie scholz arrived sunday in the u. s. the bodies of justin and stephanie scholz arrived sunday in the u. s. they were living in the
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brussels, and dropping off stephanie's mother when the attack occurred, and stephanie is from kentucky, and justin is from tennessee, and the funeral will be held friday in kentucky. the justice department reviewing the release of the so- called panama papers for possible illegal activity that could be linked to the united states and its financial system. the dealings of the wealthy, famous and powerful people around the world were released from a law firm in panama, and it allegedly shows of the clients of the law firm can hide the eye set -- assets. thousands of europeans are reportedly involved. 6:14 am. obama administration reviewing whether the north carolina law, those that curve the protection from the gay engender people could keep them from getting federal aid. federal agencies are looking at whether the law can be considered discrimination under federal policy. the north carolina law limits
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the lgbt protection and north carolina, and also prevents transgender people from using bathrooms that correspond with the gender identity. some businesses have cut back spending and investment in north carolina in protest of the new law. the san francisco bay company making drones to deliver medical supplies to people in rwanda. >> expect delivery this time through. >> zipline international will make its first delivery in rwanda in july, and the drones can deliver packages of blood and medicine in 30 minutes or less, and they plan on using eight military grade gps system to fly the drones in places that are hard to get to. >> we can service any clinic within a 75 kilometer radius, that means that it can fly out with the 3 pound package,
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dropped the package and fly all the way back. >> if the company is successful in rwanda, they will branch out to other companies later this year. your time now is 6:15 am. and things are happening already on our commute.>> it is getting busier out there, and we are looking at a commute where the traffic is super busy in some areas already. especially driving around the toll plaza, so let's take a look outside. no major problems this morning driving into 80 westbound, and now i can see what is going on, and check this out. 80 is at 28 minutes between the carquinez bridge and the maccarthur maze. no major problems, but it is getting more crowded. going to the bay bridge toll
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plaza, traffic backed up with a 30 minute delay. the earlier crash at the northbound 101 ended up being no injuries, but the traffic is already slow. you can use an alternate route, traffic okay on 280, 101 and 85 into the west valley. and slow traffic heading down on the pennell road. clear skies and cool to start with 40s and 50s. not much in the way of fog, and the breeze is not really kicking in for many. mount diablo had a gust at 46, but most at the surface do not. san rafael has a forecasted high of 81, within 6 degrees of the record, and san jose 7 degrees short. 86 in napa, open airport is
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closed with the no record of 79 and a far cry from the records. there are others that may get close, but tomorrow will be the key day with livermore at 81 with a record of 80 but tomorrow will be the key day with livermore at 81 with a record of 84. santa cruz at 80, a beautiful day but not a record. richmond 75, close but not close enough. and it is warm, above average, but not record-setting. we will go 75 today, topping out at 88 tomorrow and then plunging. tomorrow the warmest day by far. if the breeze kicks in, it's possible we could hit 90. i don't think it will be widespread, but a lot of 80s on the coast, bay and england. -- and inland.
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maybe rain friday night into saturday. the direction of the airflow is north, and not strong on the surface, and cooler readings. napa airport at 42, fairfield 44, 46 palo alto, and mid 40s. a little bit warmer at the lasalle those hills, and a lot of 40s. waiting for that northerly breeze, and livermore now getting northeast at six. 43 in ukiah, 25 in truckee. we have this low coming up bring in this cooldown on thursday. sunny and warm and cool and breezy for some, temperatures warming up quickly. clearlake 84, richmond 75, vacaville 85, 84 for antioch.
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berkeley at 76, oakland 79. gilroy at 80, san jose at 82, 60s and 70s on the coast, low 80s on the peninsula. tomorrow will be the warmest day by far when we bring in all go on thursday and possibly -- fog on thursday and possibly rain on friday and saturday. villanova students and fans celebrating that amazing finish in the ncaa tournament, one of the most exciting ends to a game that i've seen. coming up, the highlights from this buzzer beating championship victory. >> helping the blind have a better experience on social media coming up.
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:23 am. facebook rolling out a feature to help those that are blind to have a better social media's parents, using artificial intelligence as the seeing eye guide. >> 13 comments to shares, and
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they will be able to hear brief descriptions of what is on the news feed. this is only available in english right now for iphone and ipad app. a woman in fresno county owns what could be the largest cat sanctuary and adoption center in the country. she transferred the home into a cat sanctuary, 24 years ago it started with a few kittens. today the sanctuary and houses up to 1000 cats at any given time. and she has a team of volunteers and staff to help to care for the cats, and is saved as many as 24,000 cats. back they have this house, and they have 12 acres to climb a tree, go sit in the sun outside, and it gives these animals a reason to live as opposed to living in a cage because nobody
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wants them. >> there are so many cats at her home that she moved in a traitor next-door to give the cats more space, and she spent her retirement fund on the sanctuary, but also relies on donations. the 49ers have started the off-season workout program, and the quarterback colin kaepernick was there, and could be paid a $400,000 bonus for taking part in 90% of the program. yesterday marked the first time that the new head coach chip kelly was allowed to talk football with the warriors, -- 49ers, but not allowed to interact with them for at least two more weeks. the talks are heating up with the denver broncos, but on hold due to the issue over the colin kaepernick salary. and they have re-signed the aldon smith for the raiders, and
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suspended for violating this substance abuse policy and not eligible to play until november at the earliest. he played in nine games for the raiders last season after spending the previous four seasons with the 49ers, and his new contract is a two year $11 million deal and could earn 9 1/2 million dollars if he gets the incentives. taking a bow to in the groundbreaking run to raise the bar on the reality competition television shows and has launched many careers. the three-part season finale kicks off tonight right here on ktvu channel to, 2 and there are rumors that simon cowell may return. he needs to since he started this entire thing. one of the victims in a
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series of bb gun shootings in san leandro is talking now.>> i heard something go by and i dropped to the ground and i thought they were shooting. >> his response after he realized abb hit him in the head. whether to increase rent, last night at the city council meeting in san mateo, and we will tell you the decision made and what will happen going forward. the morning commute is getting a little bit busier on some of the major roads, and we will t more about this straight ahead. starting off clear and cold for some, 40s and sunshine with warmer temperatures, we will show you coming up.
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good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this tuesday, april 5, and i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark and thank you for joining us. let's take a look at the weather. under clear skies, temperatures in the 40s, 50s and upper 50s and low 60s, with the majority in the low 40s. so it is cool and we are waiting on this breeze. the record will probably not hit today, and tomorrow will be the best day for that. the mountain view 79, off by 10, gilroy at 84, with a record of 91, and the record with the almanac for san francisco, 75-42 -- 75-52 for today, and it
6:31 am
looks good today would temperatures warming up fast with this high pressure over us. 40s, 50s and 60s, and cooler at the napa airport. 40s in the santa cruz mountains, and san jose at 50. today and tomorrow will be sunny and warmer temperatures. a cool morning giving way to northerly breeze, meaning 70s and 80s. 6:31 am. we have some slow traffic, steve, and last week that spring break made an impact on people, and now we are back to the old patterns. at the bay bridge toll plaza, 20 to 25 minute delay. the sun is about to come up over the hills and a beautiful picture. 880 north and southbound moving
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well. and tonight, 880 will be very crowded. if you need to catch a flight, you need to come in here, and put this in the back of your mind, leave early. bart is a good option, and there will be a lot of people wearing the green and gold. this move along and take a look at i-480, and still not stop and go from livermore to dublin. a hot debate in san mateo over whether or not to rees the rent. that went late into the night last night and many say that the rising rent is out of control and they need help from the city. tell us about the vote. >> reporter: it did not go well for many of the residents that showed up at the city council meeting last night, and the council decided against any sort of rent control.
6:33 am
the council had the option of imposing a 90 day moratorium on rent increase and eviction, and the rent is on the rise, and the tech companies are on the rise in paying their workers higher salaries. one woman that is a school teacher told the council that the rent for her two-bedroom apartment increase from $1750 a month to $2850 a month. >> it has already been raised $1100, and i know that he will raise them again soon and he said he was going to.>> once you open the door to rent control, the landlord is screwed . stop it. don't even go there. because you have taken my rights away. >> the mayor says that he does not want to see record evictions are people being displaced, but it is a difficult balancing act for the
6:34 am
city and the need to weigh that against the rights of the landlords and property owners. with that said, next monday city officials looking at another emergency ordinance that would require the landlord to help to pay for the relocation assistance for the tenets. in the meantime tonight, the oakland city council will take up the rent control issue, and city council vote on whether to declare a housing state of emergency and put it temporary ban on rent hikes and evictions. the typical oakland renter earns less than $30,000 a year and can afford to pay $750 a month in rent. the current median rent in oakland is now $1900 per month. a high-risk sex offender was placed in a hotel near rohnert park, and jonathan hoeppner was going to move into
6:35 am
a motel in petaluma, but after public outcry the plans were changed and he was placed in a motel in rohnert park. he has been convicted of sexual battery seven times in three years, and he is required to wear a gps tracker. a call to a plumber leading to the discovery of human remains, a human skull and bones found under a dry cleaning business by workers that were doing some repairs. the coroner's office is trying to use dna to make an identification. the police are investigating this as a suspicious death and no word on how long the remains it may have been there. one of the people shot during the series of bb gun shootings in san leandro is talking. his name is scott bradley, and he had just left church with a friend at last friday when he heard at least six shots and he thought someone was shooting a gun and he fell to the ground. they realized that the bb had hit him in the head.
6:36 am
>> i did not want to panic because i figured that would be the worst thing to happen and i did not want to lose consciousness, so i called 911.>> on the same day another man was hit in the arm with the bb outside of a bar, and the police believe the same people are responsible for shooting and damaging more than 130 cars in the city, and they are searching for a silver toyota four runner with black wheels and a missing gas cap, and they are increasing undercover patrols. a palo alto man accused of firing a pellet gun at construction workers for making too much noise, and the police say he come main -- complained about the noise to the building manager and then threatened him with a knife. when he left the manager called the police. ramsey fired several pellets of the construction workers and no one was hit.
6:37 am
a $5000 reward to help solve the animal cruelty case in berkeley, five animals found shot with pellets at the berkeley marina. an autopsy revealed that the bb pellets inside several of the animals, but the toxicology report is pending to see if the animals were also poisoned. there is a report for anyone leading to the arrest of the suspect in the case. fighting back against the female reporter who made a claim of sexual harassment, jen hufnagel had released nine text messages between he and the woman that accused him of sexual harassment and he says they prove he is innocent. the coaches lawyer says that the woman selectively chose tax to give to berkeley. and he says he is releasing these text messages because the accusations are ruining his reputation and he wants his job
6:38 am
back. >> the text shows that far from an unwelcome series of text to mr. hufnagel there was a mutual flirtation that occurred, not only welcomed by the company, but also initiated by her and continued by her, and it went on for a period of time. >> in a statement yesterday, uc berkeley said there was nothing preventing him from submitting anything that could help them support his position, and they say it's unclear why he apparently withheld hundreds of text messages that he now believes are relevant. coming up, the gifts to the make-a-wish foundation after thieves made off with the hunter pence scooter, another donation. and in san rafael, putting limits on smoking in public. looking at the east bay commute where traffic will be busy on 24 westbound,
6:39 am
especially here in lafayette heading west. probably no records today, but temperatures well above normal, and tomorrow would could set some records, coming up.
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is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:41 am. a lawsuit has been filed against the pleasanton police department by the family of the teenager that was shot and killed on july 5 after police
6:42 am
responded to reports at the classic car dealership for burglary. they say he was acting erratically and attacked an officer, however the toxicology results found no drugs or alcohol in his system. the police say the officer used a taser on him before opening fire and the family says that the police department took the wrong approach and they question my the officer did not turn on his body camera. seen on video being badly beaten in the san francisco alley, appeared in federal court yesterday, and the charges are still a secret. the 29-year-old petrov accused of leading deputies on a high- speed chase in a stolen car before this videotaped beating, and we have learned that the federal charges stem from a drug busts in visitacion valley on march 8. the media and even in his mother were told to leave the courtroom, and the charges were kept under
6:43 am
seal.>> he was criminalized in for trade like of criminal, and this helps to not filed the charges. >> and they have not filed charges against the deputies involved in the beating, and petrov is now pursuing a civil lawsuit against alameda county. smoking rules and san rafael are getting tougher, voting to make the downtown area a smoke-free zone, and smoking is already been banned in public places, and they decided to eliminate the exception that would allow people to smoke while walking downtown. they've also added e-cigarettes to the ban. >> we want to encourage more people to come downtown, and with the are walking behind someone that is smoking a cigarette or e-cigarette, it impacts them. >> san rafael made news by
6:44 am
banning smoking in a home that has a shared wall with another unit. did you stay up to watch the college basketball? the ncaa championship game between villanova and north carolina is one for the ages, and the craziness started in the final seconds when north carolina tied the game. >> it is paige off-balance and how did he do that? >> marcus page of the tar heels if the off-balance three- pointer, and let's see that again, tying the game at 74 with 4.7 seconds left, but enough time for more magic. >> villanova, down to the court, 30 seconds at midcourt, and he gets it in for the championship. >> we are done, chris jenkins,
6:45 am
a 3-pointer, and all we can say is wow. villanova one, -- won, 77-74, the first national championship for the wildcats's 1985. villanova canceled all classes today as part of the celebration. and tonight it's the ladies turn, indianapolis syracuse versus the university of connecticut, undefeated uconn is one win back away from becoming the first team in basketball history to win four consecutive titles, the first time for syracuse to reach the women's final four. some good basketball for now. and let's check in to get you where you need to go.>> it is busy, but not affected by any major problems, but there is slow traffic.
6:46 am
taking a look at the bay bridge, and you can see that it is backed up to the maccarthur maze, but the 880 ramp is not looking that bad. and looking at interstate 880 farther down, moving well. as a reminder, the a's and warriors are playing tonight, at about the same time, which means there will be a lot of traffic on 880. if you're trying to catch a flight at oakland international, this is something that could cause you delay, so give yourself extra time. moving along to 580, so traffic on the altamont pass, but not looking bad between livermore and dublin. 6:46 am. clear skies and a little bit cool, 40s, and not really much of a breeze unless you're in the higher elevations. starting off cooler temperatures warming up. we will be closed for a few, but nothing record-setting really. tomorrow will be the main day.
6:47 am
san jose 82, napa 82, and oakland airport 77, and they could get close to record. san francisco 75, and there are some that could get close, but tomorrow we will move these up. the kentfield high at 80, and the record at 88 in 1974. and santa cruz at 80, and a beautiful day, but not close to the record in 1989 of 89. livermore had a record of 84 in 1989. san francisco at 57, 65 yesterday, and tomorrow will be 88, and that would be a record. but no. and we could go for double jeopardy where the scores could
6:48 am
change. diehard, one of my favorite films, and the record is 91 for san francisco tomorrow in 1989. and welcome to the party. san francisco, 75-52, average, and the record low was in night team 85. -- 1985. and maybe out to the valley, but cool here in lower 40s for many. palo alto 47, novato 47, mill valley 44. calistoga 46 and the breeze is not kicked in yet. this is trying to turn northerly, but right now it's variable. it is 22 mile an hour out of the northeast coming above the caldecott. in a big low coming up which is the source of the cooldown on
6:49 am
thursday, so it will go right down. sunny and warm today, breezy and the hills and a cool morning with the northerly breeze in 60s to 80s. 60s and 70s around the water edge, and temperatures as you can imagine are all well above average. not record-setting, but nice and mild. tomorrow we could get enough of this northeast reese to get it hot, but temperatures coming down thursday clouding up for possible rain late friday and saturday. >> and good to point out not hot in the usual spots, but also hot in san francisco. a good day to be at the beach. i am beginning not to feel very well.>> no no. we will check in for look at the gasia.
6:50 am
>> i am also beginning not to feel well. overdoses and some calling it a crisis, and the federal drug enforcement agency is stepping in, and we will tell you how to look to the public for help in stopping this disturbing trend for fentanyl. this ellen degeneres kids add, and some say this picture was a serious misstep or worse. and talking a little bit about american idol, and we will talk with one of the judge's life, harry connick jr. this morning on mornings on 2. if i can feel better. >> we will feel good enough to visit with harry connick jr. your time now is 6:50 am, and coming up, possibly producing the next big earthquake in the area, and this
6:51 am
-- fault running through a popular area in sonoma county. dozens of they areas, -- bay area volunteers of soldiers honoring this hero.
6:52 am
that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of
6:53 am
making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit welcome back, dozens of bay area volunteers giving a heroes
6:54 am
welcome to the american soldier that was seriously injured in the iraqi war.>> it is amazing. i have never come through an airport and be greeted quite like that. coming back from the service is the hardest part. even now with brain injury and different things, it's hard to adjust to regular things. >> the army veteran ron hinkel smiling and surrounded by a lot of great people as he arrived at the san jose airport, greeted by yellow military men and women, and as well as volunteers they just wanted to shake his hand. he was a india rocky board in 2006 and medically discharged after being hit by an ied. he lost along and now suffering from traumatic brain injury as well as permanent nerve damage in his legs and arms. this is the beginning of a weeklong trip in his honor, and the patriot guard escorted him
6:55 am
from the airport, and he was hand-picked by the nonprofit, "veteran sportsmen alliance" that help injured and disabled veterans across the country by taking them on outdoor trips. governor jerry brown makes history by signing the bill that will gradually raise the california minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> [ applause and cheering ] the bill will bump the minimum wage up by $.50 next year and a one dollar increase every year until 2022 up to $15 an hour. some worry this will cut jobs, and supporters say the higher wage will close the divide between the rich and the poor. the vote by the san francisco supervisors on whether new parents should be entitled to six weeks of fully
6:56 am
paid leave, and the agenda includes a proposal to require private companies to pay 45% of salaries during the six-week period back -- period, and combined with the 65% stayed -- state paid leave, that would mean that the parents would not get a pay cut during the family leave, and some say that small businesses cannot afford that. it would only apply to those companies that have 20 or more employees. the proposal to allow the valero oil to transport crude oil, transporting tens of thousands of gallons of a highly flammable crude oil to the refinery in the nation. -- venecia. it would make daily trips close to where 500,000 people work or leave, and valero oil says this is a much-needed staple for the local economy, but economists say it will pose a significant risk. we are just feet from the
6:57 am
downtown core of the city, and there are student apartments nearby.>> from truckee, roseville in sacramento, they demand this fuel here in california with 30 million cars and light trucks on the road today and we are key in dealing that demand -- dealing fueling that demand, and the planning committee said no to the plan but they are now taking the case to the city council. the time now is 6:57 am. new plans for the armory in san francisco, and why many neighbors do not like it. the regular bart train's running along the problem stretch of track, but they say that the riders should not get used to this.
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. complaints about noise and unruly behavior in san francisco's mission district, up next a plan being considered that neighbors say could make matters even worse. more deaths linked to
7:00 am
tainted painkillers in the sacramento area, the efforts with the problem they are calling alarming. mornings at 2 continues. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check the weather. are you ready for warmer weather? >> by thursday it will be socked in by fog, fat that. today, it's the transition day. i don't think we'll set records today. if we do, only one or two. tomorrow is a possibility, the warmest day. we'll look ahead to tomorrow. there could be some 80s across the board here from the coast to the bay, and if enough of a breeze kicks in, then, yes, isolated 90s would not be out of the realm of possibility. there's some


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